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As any Jeweller in the UK knows high street sales are being impacted by the growth of eCommerce. Many UK Jewellery chains and Independent Jewellers have taken the plunge and created an online presence, and the larger chains can be seen to be advertising heavily online.

As a leading UK Jewellery Wholesaler our focus is supporting Independent Jewellers, and helping them compete with the major Jewellery Chains, by providing fast access to the latest fashions, quality and keen pricing. Service, Quality and Value are the obvious things you’d expect from a Jewellery Wholesaler but increasingly we are also providing advice on eCommerce.

For an Independent Jeweller entering the world of eCommerce can be expensive and time consuming, taking many Jewellers outside of their comfort zone. Yet it doesn’t have to be either expensive or time consuming. Technology markets move quickly and for an SME a bespoke website build no longer makes sense, it’s time consuming plus costly, and can be expensive to maintain. Low cost, high quality, ‘off the peg’ store solutions are now available from multiple large vendors, which can be customised to meet the design style of the store, and costs can be less than £30 per month, with no upfront build costs. The reason why we feel it’s important to consider using a store vendor, rather than a web designer, is that technology and markets are evolving quickly and the ‘off the peg’ stores invest in evolving to keep pace with the market. The statistics below, from Coupofy, shows the rapid emergence of Mobile Commerce as a key part of the online buyers behaviour. Building an online store that keeps pace with Mobile Commerce trends has hence become incredibly important, a standard website that displays perfectly on PC is no longer enough, either mobile specific sites or mobile site rendering and features are necessary.

  • Globally Mobile Commerce is expected to grow by 31% in 2017, versus 15% growth for eCommerce
  • In 2015 the UK had the second highest global Mobile Commerce growth rate at 45%
  • In terms of Mobile Commerce order value Jewellery was 6th largest with an average basket size of $115

It is important to note that mobile covers not only mobile phones, but also tablets and phablets.

Mobile Commerce


At Cultured UK we can help Independent Jewellers navigate the complexities of moving online. We ‘walk the talk’ our own Pearl Jewellery Wholesale site uses ‘off the peg’ store technology and is mobile commerce friendly, it allows us to stock and sell an ever changing range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and much more, without the need for major bespoke site construction.

So if your an indecent jeweller looking for advice, or are simply looking for a quality Jewellery Wholesaler, call us on 0845 459 0181, or visit or website and order online Delivery is free and we have no minimum order quantity.

Cultured UK – Jewellery Wholesalers – Wedding Season

Jewellery Wholesalers

Spring is upon us and the Wedding Season is commencing as Jewellery Wholesalers specialising in pearls our range fits perfectly with the requirements from Brides, Bridesmaids and Grooms for quality jewellery accessories for the big day.

Jewellers are taking an increasing interest in Wedding Fayres which provide them not only with the ability to sell pearl jewellery, but also wedding rings, engagement rings and bespoke jewellery services.

Our Pearl Jewellery Wholesale website includes a well crafted collection of Wholesale Wedding Jewellery –

holesale Wedding Jewellery

As Jewellery Wholesalers we work with Independent Jewellers and Wedding Stores to help them create a range of quality silver and gold jewellery with high appeal and sales potential. In addition our Pearl Jewellery Wholesale  website allows Jewellers to show customers either in store, or at Wedding Fayres, the full range of Pearl Jewellery we have on offer using either a Tablet or Smart Phone (prices are not shown until the Jeweller logs in).

At Cultured UK we find that offering free postage and packing, plus having no minimum order value, allows Independent Jewellers and Wedding Stores to maintain optimal stock levels knowing that additional items can be received from us usually within 24 hours.

To learn more about the services we offer, or to arrange a no obligation visit contact us on 0845 459 0181. Alternatively visit our website –

Cultured UK – Pearl Jewellery Wholesalers – 2016 Fashion Trends

Cultured UK


At Cultured UK we take a keen interest in the latest Jewellery Fashion trends, and in particular Pearl Jewellery featuring on the catwalks. A recent article in Jeweller Magazine highlighted the Hottest 2016 Pearl Jewellery Trends and it was great to see designers and consumers embracing different ways to wear pearls.

Whilst historically Pearls have been seen as a classic, timeless and elegant gem the new uses on the catwalk by leading designers is pushing pearls toward the contemporary and avant garde.

Chanel have featured oversize pearl necklaces on the catwalk, and demand for large pearl necklaces remains high. As Jewellery Wholesalers our aim is to help our UK Jewellers stay abreast of the latest trends and give them access to quality pearl fashion items at an accessible wholesale price – such as this large 11mm pearl necklace.

Large Pearl Necklace



Dior have featured pearl earrings on the catwalk where one pearl sits on the ear and a second peeps out behind the lobe. As leading Pearl Jewellery Wholesalers we stock a similar range of this fashionable style of double pearl earring.

Double Pearl EarringKnotted strands and bold colours are predicted to be a great hit in 2016, plus the organic shape of baroque pearls is becoming increasingly popular. Cultured UK’s baroque pearl jewellery sets in a range of bold colours seem to be right ‘on trend’, and these quality gems are available at a very affordable wholesale price.



As the spring fashion season progresses we will aim to keep you up to date with the latest trends in pearl jewellery.

All of our Wholesale Pearl Jewellery is supplied for next day delivery if ordered by 3pm and with Free Postage & Packing.

You can order online or by calling us on 0845 459 0181.

To view our full catalogue visit the Cultured UK website –

Cultured UK Ltd – Leading UK Jewellery Wholesalers

Pearl Necklaces – Stocking Up For Spring

Cultured UK - Spring 4

In preparation for Spring we have revamped the Cultured UK – Pearl Jewellery Wholesale website, plus increased our range of pearl necklaces.

For UK Jewellers we offer free next day delivery, and have no minimum order quantities, so their is no need to ever lose another pearl jewellery sale.

Pearl Necklaces are a timeless classic that remains fashionable with both young and old consumers, and they have never been more affordable.

Our latest stocks of premium quality pearl necklaces include:

To see our full range of freshwater, cultured / akoya pearl necklaces visit the pearl jewellery wholesale website.

As a leading UK Jewellery Wholesaler focussed upon Pearl Jewellery our range is constantly being updated to reflect the latest styles and fashions.

Leading UK Jewellery Suppliers – Cultured UK Ltd

More Stock For Christmas

In the run up to Christmas a number of items have proven extremely popular with Independent Jewellers across the North & Midlands.

Firstly Pearl Jewellery Sets, and we now have two of the fastest selling items back in stock –

Pear Jewellery Set


Pearl Set 1, Pendant & Earrings with CZ- AA 7-8mm Oval Drop Pearl – Sterling Silver

Pearl Jewellery Set 4

Pearl Set 4, Pendant & Earrings with CZ- AA 8mm Button Pearl – Sterling Silver

As the Christmas Party Season approaches our beautiful Pearl Cuffs have proven extremely popular, ideal for the woman looking for the unique statement piece. Our Black Pearl Cuffs are now back in stock and available for order.

Pearl Cuff / Bangles

Pearl Bangle / Cuff – Cultured Freshwater Off Round Pearl Cuff – Available in Black or White

All of our Wholesale Pearl Jewellery is supplied for next day delivery if ordered by 3pm and with Free Postage & Packing. You can order online or by calling us on 0845 459 0181.

To view our full catalogue visit the Cultured UK website –

Cultured UK Ltd – Leading UK Jewellery Wholesalers

International Wholesale Pearl Jewellery Deliveries

Cultured UK


As we approach Christmas final international delivery dates for 2015 are getting closer. At Cultured UK we will be dispatching wholesale orders right up until December 23rd, however for our international customers to be sure of receiving stock prior to Christmas orders need to be received before 3pm on the following dates:

Monday 7 December: Cyprus, Eastern Europe (not Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)
Thursday 10 December: Greece, Australia, New Zealand
Monday 14 December: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Poland
Tuesday 15 December: USA, Canada, Finland and Sweden
Wednesday 16 December: Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal and Spain
Thursday 17 December: France
Friday 18 December: Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland


We are adding new stock to our Pearl Jewellery Wholesale website on a daily basis therefore keep checking the site for new items at

Cultured UK Ltd – Leading UK Jewellery Wholesalers

Wholesale Marcasite Jewellery – New Range from Cultured UK

Marcasite humming bird


Jewellery has been made from Marcasite for over 2,000 years, and was a frequently used gemstone in Ancient Greece. In more recent times popularity grew in the Victorian Era, with small pieces of Marcasite inlaid into Silver Jewellery to create beautiful Art Nouveau pieces.

The recent popularity of Art Nouveau Jewellery designs has seen a resurgence in the use of Marcasite, long renowned for its gleam / sparkle (it was a common replacement for Diamonds in 18th Century Switzerland, when Diamonds were banned from public display).

ES3788 - Pearl & marcasite drop earrings

Earlier this year we trialed wholesaling some Pearl & Marcasite Jewellery and it proved so popular that we’ve decided to expand our range to include Sterling Silver & Marcasite Jewellery.

Set - Marcasite Feathers


As wholesalers we are constantly on the look out for new trends and fashions, plus quality jewellery designs. View our full Marcasite Range on the Cultured UK Website , or call us on 0845 459 0181 to set up an appointment.

Cultured UK Ltd – Leading UK Jewellery Wholesalers

All Set For Christmas ?

Pearl Jewellery Wholesale - Christmas

As we approach the peak selling period many Jewellers are too busy to have sales representatives visit them. However, this does not mean that you should have to lose sales when you run out of key Pearl Jewellery items, nor need it exclude you from access to the latest jewellery designs and items we have found to be ‘hot sellers’ in the run up to Christmas.

With no minimum order quantity we are supplying our customers daily with top up orders by mail, with free postage and packing. On our website you can order 24/7, plus we accept most credit and debit cards. In addition here at Cultured UK we are on hand Mon – Fri 8am to 6pm to take telephone orders 0845 459 0181, and to help you with requests for any unusual Pearl Jewellery item a customer might request.

This Autumn, and in the run up to Christmas, we’ve found simple elegant Pearl Jewellery Sets on Sterling Silver to be very popular. These Jewellery Sets hit a popular price point for Christmas Gifts and are very fashionable, appealing to young and old.

As hard working UK Jewellery Wholesalers we are available up until December 23rd and aim to dispatch same day, use our ‘top up’ options and ensure you maximise sales in the run up to Xmas!

A Focus On Gold For Christmas – Wholesale Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings


As we approach Christmas we’ve been getting increasing requests from Jewellers for more Pearl Jewellery on gold findings. To service this demand we’ve added two new items to our catalogue:

These AAA quality pearl earrings are competitively priced, click links and log in for pricing.

We will be taking appointments to visit Jewellers up until December 18th, with online and telephone orders then serviced right up until Dec 24th. Similar to many UK Jewellery Wholesalers we will be closed over the holiday break and then back in action in the New Year on Jan 4th.

View the full Cultured UK catalogue online at our Pearl Jewellery Wholesale site.

Great News For Independent Jewellers Looking To Capitalise On Christmas Trade

Cultured UK logo


As UK Jewellery Wholesalers focussed upon supporting independent jewellers we are heartened by survey results published in Professional Jeweller today.

The key points to note were:

  • 79% of consumers prefer shopping on the high street, vs online, for Costume Jewellery (and we can only presume this will increase for Fine Jewellery)
  • 28% favour shopping in independent retailers
  • 92% cite emotion (based upon appearance) as the key purchase driver

The above results are good news as they highlight that cannibalisation of retail jewellery sales by eCommerce remains limited, plus that the discount focussed (pile it high sell it cheap) major chains are on the wrong track vis a vis customer needs, luxury goods are always going to be more about image and emotion rather than price.

Independent Jewellers are an important part of the high street, providing high levels of service, knowledge and unique product offerings, and long may this continue.

Here at Cultured UK our aim is to help Independent Jewellers compete with the chains, we keep high volume lines keenly priced and spend a lot of our time monitoring jewellery and fashion trends, then seeking unique new pearl jewellery designs with the aim of keep our pearl jewellery wholesale customers ahead of the pack.


View the Christmas Season Cultured UK Catalogue at